Runway Richy Vividly Describes Near Death Car Accident That Boosted His Career

HipHop News Posted on July 30, 2017 at 10:32am

Runway Richy Vividly Describes Near Death Car Accident That Boosted His Career

#DXclusive: Decatur-bred rhymer also gives the #DXLive of the crew of a taste of his next book "China Café 2.5."

Los Angeles, CA – Few events can inspire creativity as a near death experience. For those lucky enough to survive the cataclysm of the occurrences of the age old saying "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" kicks in a major way. For Decatur, GA rapper Runway Richy a near-fatal car accident that left him with metal rods in the leg, and with the fear that he may never walk again. In its place, and is working harder than ever to elevate your career. During his recent visit to #DXLive, the artist behind the regional "has Made it possible to blow spoke about the accident that changed (and almost took his life.

"I really think [the accident] inspired some of my best work," said Richy. "I've been rapping forever, but I really started taking it very seriously [since] probably, as the 2012-2013. I had already left the three projects. I was finna drop of my fourth of one of China's Café 2.5. Last project that I got into a real serious car accident: Truck flipped five times, [I] flew out of the windshield."

#Tbt At this time a year ago that I knew that I was here for a reason. Fast forward to now and I'm living in gods blessings . Really, he sat my ass down and made me show him how much I wanted this . ChinaCafeteria 2.5 "House Special" bout ta be global, and I'm just thank God for all the blessings ...U don't know the half of #HumbleAndBlessed #MyLifeAMovie #MadeItHappen #FlyGoon #ChinaCafeteria2.5 otw !!!! #UhOh

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He continued: "I was on the way to the studio and then turned around. I was finna go do some other shit. A car tried to swerve in my lane. I almost hit the median. I had to try to get the right one for my truck flipped over. I woke up in the hospital, my family around me. Metal rods around on my legs, screw around the end of it all, this year has been showin' me like 'do you really want it or not?' I had to learn to walk again. I was in the cabin."



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