Sada Baby Officially Apologizes & Distances Himself From Old Rape & Homophobic Tweets

HipHop News Posted on October 21, 2020 at 8:19am

Sada Baby Officially Apologizes & Distances Himself From Old Rape & Homophobic Tweets

Sada Baby changed his mind about addressing offensive tweets from his past. Despite initially claiming he didn’t care about people digging up old homophobic and rape-related Twitter posts, the Detroit-bred rapper apologized and explained his remarks in an Instagram video.

“A couple tweets, old tweets and shit came out from 2011 when a nigga was like 17, 18,” he said. “My first initial response to the tweets on my story may give people the idea that I don’t sympathize with females that’ve been raped or raping situations. What y’all gotta know is I’m almost 30 years old and I don’t fucking tweet, don’t got the password to my Twitter, no none of that.”.centered-ad {

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He continued, “So, them old views is in the same light as a Justin Bieber when he got caught singing, saying [the n-word], all that other shit. I’m not switching the muthafucking blame to nobody else, but that’s old shit that you can’t judge me on. As far as the homophobic tweets, I got goddamn homosexuals that work at my label, that’s personally worked with me. I deal with him twice, two, three times out the month in person, in real life, for a week at a time dealing with my career.”

I find it corny when y’all dig up people old tweets but Sada Baby homophobic, a rapist, and colorist? Yeah get him outta here.

— Rap Alert (@rapalert2) October 20, 2020

Sada also denied being a colorist, reacting to social media users finding a tweet in which he wrote about hating dark-skinned people.

“My baby brother Chico is blacker than Lil Yachty, so you can’t think I’m a colorist,” he claimed. “All


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