Safaree Blames Hackers For Tweet About Wanting Nicki Minaj To Your Baby

HipHop News Posted on July 28, 2017 at 6:31am

Safaree Blames Hackers For Tweet About Wanting Nicki Minaj To Your Baby

Twitter, as expected, going in.

It is one thing to be in a relationship with someone for 12 years before going in different directions — it's a whole other situation when your ex is a superstar, and you are bombarded with unavoidable the details about their new life. Such is the case of Safaree Samuels, who was the best way for Queens rapper Nicki Minaj.

Thursday night, it seemed that Safaree was far from Nicki, as he noted that the rap-pop star should really be having your baby in a now-deleted tweet.

The message came a couple of weeks after a tweet made by Nicki's pregnancy speculation.

But now Safaree is no denying that he had anything to do with the post.

I did not tweet that yesterday.. I don't even want to talk like that.. any1 who knows me knows that I would never leave the blue of twitter something like that




If you thought the internet was going to be sympathetic with Safaree, who has had a rough month, to say the least, then you have not complied with the internet.

Everyone in the club of the fun and Safaree just thinking of Nicki

— Great Wengz Stan (@EscoMus) July 27, 2017

Safaree: I want a boy.. nicki is supposed to have my son.. I can't believe that this is the life...


— This woman (@KingThandie) July 27, 2017

Safaree I got this tweet

— Great Wengz Stan (@EscoMus) July 27, 2017

Safaree out of the Henny. The only explanation.

— IG: TrillestAC (@TrillestAC) July 27, 2017


— Hot97svg (@Hot97svg) July 28, 2017

At least a couple of users, including Cyn Santana, seemed to feel for him.

And you all can clown Safaree all you want, but how could ya'll not feeling it 🤷🏽♀️

— Cyn Santana (@Cyn_Santana)


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