Scottie Beam Says Security mercilessly Assaulted In NYC Place, the Knockdown Center

HipHop News Posted on July 30, 2017 at 11:13am

Scottie Beam Says Security mercilessly Assaulted In NYC Place, the Knockdown Center

The popular social media personality and former Hot 97 producer says that the guard attacked her to take their orders to move.

Queens, New York – Scottie Ray, a popular social media figure, and the former Hot 97 producer says that a security guard working this year's Peterpalooza in Queens, punched, kicked, and pushed. Beam claims that the guard unleashed a brutal assault after she did not move to a place that he ordered her to go.

Beam took to his Twitter account this past Friday morning (July 28) to share what happened to her as she attended the Demolition of the Downtown art and performance space on Thursday.

"Yesterday, I was punched, kicked and pushed by a security guard in @knockdowncenter that simply does not move exactly where he wanted me to move," Make of twitter. She then launched into a string of tweets with more details.

Beam added, "For those asking, no, I did not raise my voice, I did not touch this man, I just tried to call someone on my phone. My face is swollen and my knee is swollen, I have asked the mans name and the other security guards not to tell me in the @knockdowncenter."

Beam 27,000 followers on Twitter have rallied around her, retweeting the details and the repetition of his call to other witnesses to step forward with footage of the incident.

On the research on the part of the Beam, the guard in question was not known to the owners of the Drop Center and the place does not perform background checks of the company or any of its employees before hiring them to man the event.

"I don't even know what the guard is. You do not have your information. You should stop working with the Gorilla of the Security Force of the TIME," Beam wrote in response to the Fall of the Center of a tweet, in reference to the guard.

Fader spoke exclusively with the Beam, gathering from it the following statement via email:

"The Security Guard of the company is called Gorilla Force; that won't give me his real name. The owner of the company claims that it caught the guard under the alias of "Black" and do not have any information about h


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