Semi.Official - Songs In The Key Of Tryfe feat. MF Doom [Stream/ Listen]

Rhymesayers Entertainment Posted on September 16, 2017 at 9:45am

If you only listen to one song ever again, make sure its Semi.Official - Songs In The Key Of Tryfe feat. MF Doom, the wicked new track released on sábado, septiembre 16, 2017 by him.

Fourteen years ago, I Self Devine (Micranots/Dynospectrum) and DJ Abilities came together to form Semi.Official and dropped the Anti-Album. This album was arguably the first release to fully showcase the full range of DJ Abilities’ scratching excellence. I Self Devine is in rare form, relentlessly challenging oppressive systems, analyzing the roots of self-destruction, and illustrating the passions of graffiti artistry, all communicated in his signature street level poetic approach. The album’s production, a collaborative effort between the two, captures the early 90s New York renaissance of sampled Soul and Jazz breaks, but also slips into moments that are melodically enchanting, taking the listener on uncharted journeys on “stolen lands”.

The album, which also gave MF Doom his introduction into the Rhymesters family, courtesy of his excellent guest appearance on "Songs in the Key of Tryfe", quickly became a cult favorite for many Rhymesayers and Indie Hip Hop fans.

The ANT Remix of “Get Up” wasn’t on the album and was previously only released in very limited capacity!

Get/Hear The Anti-Album now:

His new track, Semi.Official - Songs In The Key Of Tryfe feat. MF Doom, is amazing! This song is a fresh, different sound that only he could come up with. We're excited to see the next release.

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