Skillz Drag Uncle Murda For The Theft Of "Rap" Concept In The Fiery Diss Track

HipHop News Posted on January 3, 2018 at 4:56am

Skillz Drag Uncle Murda For The Theft Of "Rap" Concept In The Fiery Diss Track

And's in.

Uncle Murda dropped "Rap Until 2017" at the beginning of this week, which will dive into some of Hip Hop most fascinating stories of the year. Virginia rapper Mad Skillz (or Skillz, for short), which for more than 20 years has closed the year with a "Year-End Rap music," took issue with not only the concept, but also a particular line.

"Tell Mad Skillz niggas is through him," Murda spits.

The beef continued in your DMs with Murda claiming Skillz is the "PG version", while he is the "rated R version," explaining that it "does not mean" steal your idea.

I have time today bruh. You DM was wrong friend

A post shared by MAD SKILLZ (@skillzva) on Jan 3, 2018 at 7:32am PST

In response, Skillz has delivered a scathing diss track simply titled "Murda Gram (Uncle Murda Diss)."

Skillz caught wind of an interview of the G-Unit rapper did with The Breakfast Club last month in that Murda said that he had been "arguing" with Skillz online. Also proudly proclaims to Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Yee that he responded to Skillz, "I took your shit, homie. You know how Brooklyn do. I took his shit.'"

After Murda blatant admission, Skillz hand of the killer diss track over DMX's 1998 single "Murdergram" featuring JAY-Z and Ja Rule. Through the 4:32 of the track, he details his version of the facts.

"A couple of years, I'm in A. C./ I get a call from Clark Kent and he doesn't ever call me/ Talkin' bout heard his version of my song/ He said it was bitin' and realized that I was wrong, But not because of anything that I was trying to make it better and trying to reach out to see if we could be together/ I'm like Clark, nigga you must be faded/ Why the fuck would I collab on some shit that I created,"he raps.

Later in the track, Skillz continues his lyrical assault, claiming Murda signed to G-Unit 10 years too late and recites a list of Brooklyn rappers who are better than Murda.

Listen to the previous track.


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