Soda-Stealing Fan Returns To the House of Drake & Allegedly Spits At Cops

HipHop News Posted on July 28, 2017 at 2:26am

Soda-Stealing Fan Returns To the House of Drake & Allegedly Spits At Cops

The thirst knows no bounds.

Los Angeles, CA – One of Drake fan just can't seem to get enough of the Canadian singer/rapper of refreshing drinks.

Months after a woman allegedly broke into the home of Drake and enjoyed a buffet of drinks (theft of Pepsi, Sprite and Fiji Water), the fan has returned to the musician's Hidden Hills home.

TMZ reports that the 24-year-old woman returned to the mansion on Thursday (July 27) and informed security that he was on the list. The security guard did not believe him, and instead called the authorities.

When the law arrived, the woman, according to reports, spat at three deputies, and was subsequently pepper sprayed. She was arrested for the rape and assault of a police officer.

When the woman broke into the house of Drake in April, the rapper decided not to file charges. Given his exchange with officials Thursday, is likely to face much stiffer legal consequences of this time.

As with the April break-in, Drake was not in the house when the woman attempted to enter his mansion.

News of Drizzy the last intruder is a question of days after a man was seen walking through the backyard of Drake's mansion. After being seen by a security guard, the authorities were called, and the man was arrested.


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