Starlito - 100, I Shute [Stream/ Listen]

Starlito Posted on July 18, 2017 at 5:00pm


You've got to here 100, I Shute, the fresh new song that Starlito just unleashed on martes, julio 18, 2017.

Hot Chicken the Album by Starlito

Listen to the must-hear new track from Starlito, 100, I Shute. This track is breaking through traditional creative barriers to deliver something excited and unheard of. We're stoked to see just how deep Starlito's artistry can get.

Starlito "Mobsquad Nard" "Red Dot" "Jelly Roll" "Ray Vicks" "Mista Cain" "Trapperman Dale" "Trash Bag Gang" "Grind Hard"

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