Starlito I Wanted For Allegedly Shooting A Man Inside Nashville Restaurant

HipHop News Posted on August 2, 2017 at 11:55pm

Starlito I Wanted For Allegedly Shooting A Man Inside Nashville Restaurant

The victim refuses to cooperate with the police.

Nashville, TN – A warrant has been issued for Nashville rapper Starlito after a non-fatal shooting on the east side of the city, according to local reports.

Starlito, real name Jermaine Shute, is wanted for assault and illegal possession of a firearm after a man was shot in Nashville Batter'd And Fried restaurant located in 1008 A Forest from the Street.

According to News Channel 5, the altercation began when two men entered the restaurant and one of them, James Fletcher, hit Starlito friend. The report goes on to say that Starlito then pulled his weapon and fired, striking Fletcher in the leg. A report from a witness said that "It did erupt into a fist fight in the first place, and then a gun came out. A man was shot in the leg."

Fletcher's injuries are reportedly not serious, and the Channel of News broadcast went on to say that he is refusing to cooperate with the investigation by the authorities.

As for Starlito and his friend, it is believed that he fled the scene in a silver BMW crossover with "fresh damage to the passenger side."

Josef Guzmirtl, Director of Operations at the restaurant, said customers and employees were forced to "move out of the way and getting to safe places", and thanked the staff for their help.

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Thursday morning (August 3), Starlito is on the run from the law and has not been arrested. At the time of the alleged shooting, Starlito according to reports, was on bail for charges of harassment, according to the East Nashville News.

This charge arose after Starlito allegedly sent the plaintif


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