STARZ Picks up RZA-Produced "Black Samurai", Starring Common

HipHop News Posted on August 23, 2017 at 1:08am

STARZ Picks up RZA-Produced "Black Samurai", Starring Common

The wait is almost over.

RZA at Black Samurai TV show has finally found a home after more than a year of development.

The STARZ network, currently has 50 Cent very popular in Power, announced Tuesday that it was going to be a venue for the project.

RZA is far from the only big name involved in the company. The film producer Jerry Bruckheimer (famous for a long list of films like Top Gun and Pirates Of the Caribbean) is, together with the Wu-Tang rapper at the helm.

Not only that, but Common is set to play the lead role of Robert of Sandy — a U.s. Army ranger pushed to a new life after his sensei and Samurai brothers are dead. This is not the first time the story has been adapted for the screen, with a film based on the series of novels made in 1977.

After his beloved sensei and the samurai brothers are killed by mercenaries, the Sand is thrust on a journey around the world, both for revenge and self-discovery.

We're going to maintain the elevation of the people! #yomommaandcousintoo

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In a statement, Common revealed how buzzed is to get started: "I'm very excited about 'Black Samurai.' This is a unique and special project that offers something rarely seen in the art and culture of today. "

"I can't wait to delve into this character and the martial arts worlds of gun-fu, kung-fu, jujitsu and more. Look at the world, 'Black Samurai' is coming."

Carmi Zlotnik, president of programming of STARZ was similarly pumped about the project. She is quoted in Variety as saying ""we Can't wait for the world to meet Robert Sandy part Jason Bourne, part James Bond, and 100% on the hero that we need today."

"'Black Samurai' promises to be an action-packed ride, and with the Bruckheimer team, Common, RZA and Andre at the helm, we can feel confident that this will be exceptional storytelling."

Can't come soon enough.


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