Surprise Dizaster Vs. Gap Gives No Party is Going Down At KOTD's "Massacre of 3"

HipHop News Posted on July 25, 2017 at 2:37am

Surprise Dizaster Vs. Gap Gives No Party is Going Down At KOTD's "Massacre of 3"

But not without some controversy.

Worcester, MA – Canadian-based rap battle league King Of The Dot to the left of the scene staggering around on Saturday (July 22) when they conducted a surprise battle in the middle of his "Massacre of the 3" event".

The Worcester, Massachusetts crowd went crazy when he found out that he had witnessed a round of promotion of the battle between Hollow Da Don and a disaster, two MCs that could stake a strong claim to the GOAT status in the modern era of battle rap.

The league owner and KOTD host Organik describes the terrain as a teaser for a full length of the battle that over time will go down in the league, and the short battle served as a trailer for all that is good, great, interesting, and controversial about the rap battle.

Hollow Da does Not compensate for it with relentless energy, and the crowd rocked with almost all the Queens MC had to say about your opponent — you lose when Hollow entered in a disaster to fight both in KOTD that had even fought against the host (back in the GrindTime days).

It was the kind of performance that the battle that fans have come to expect from Hollow, who is responsible for some of the most watched and most loved of battles in the culture.

The same is true for a disaster, despite the fact that his record is marred with more controversy — he infamously punches Math Hoffa in the West Coast, earning a one year suspension of KOTD. Her round against Hollow showed exactly why he is a figure of division in the culture — from the manic energy, aggression and no shortage of bars, but that ends in a messy freestyle that saw large parts of the crowd turn against him.

Towards the end of Diz round, Hollow, started to talk to the crowd and try to get out of the stage, arguing that a disaster had been past the five-minute time limit. This led to Diz to start improvising, noting that the Gap was sitting outside of the stage, because "he has never been a stand-up nigga."

A disaster, that is o


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