TDE Producer Sounwave Gives Credit To LeBron James For Kendrick Lamar "untitled Unmastered" Release

HipHop News Posted on March 6, 2016 at 6:00pm

TDE Producer Sounwave Gives Credit To LeBron James For Kendrick Lamar "untitled Unmastered" Release

Sounwave also addresses Kendrick Lamar's alleged Drake and Jay Electronica disses.

TDE in-house producer Sounwave says Complex that LeBron James deserves all the credit for the release of Kendrick Lamar's surprise project, untitled Unmastered.

Inspired by Kendrick Lamar's powerful Grammy performance this year, LeBron James took to Twitter to urge TDE bossman Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith to share the unheard-of music with the fans.

"I @dangerookipawaa after @kendricklamar a Grammy performance , you have to release the untitled tracks as soon as possible!!! Why? Talk to me," LeBron twitter.

K. Dot the history of the realization of previously unreleased music includes not only the beginning of his 2016 Grammy performance, but also of his interpretation of "untitled" song on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert in 2015 and also its "Frontseat Freestyle" in the beginning of your "Good" visual.

"When you get someone like LeBron asking for them, it's like, 'Well, maybe it is bigger than we think it is"," Sounwave said Complex in an exclusive interview. "That is when the Top got on the phone asks me and K. Dot to choose our favorite records. It just so happened that the songs we chose sounded like an album."

Before Untitled Unmastered release, Top Dawg announced the project on Instagram and gave a shout out to LeBron James.

The Digi+Phonics member was very involved with the creation of Point of the Grammy-winning album Pimp of A Butterfly and explained the process of sifting through the music that had been recorded during the past three years to put the pieces together untitled Unmastered.

"The only involvement that we had and me and Ali trying to convince Kendrick that the project has to be mastered," the Grammy award-winning producer, says. "We wanted to go for it all and he wanted it to feel authentic 100 percent. The reference of the mix we've recorded two, three years on this album it was just me and Kendrick to go through old songs and picking our favorite things."

The release of Untitled Unmastered has


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