Tech N9ne Doesn't Want The Smoke With Fake Eminem

HipHop News Posted on September 26, 2022 at 9:14pm

Tech N9ne Doesn't Want The Smoke With Fake Eminem

The Kansas City king isn't ready to get in the battle ring with the artist formerly known as Lil Windex.

Tech N9ne isn’t usually one to turn down a rap challenge, but it looks like he doesn’t want the smoke with Eminem — well, someone impersonating the him at least.

In a new clip shared on Monday (September 26), Canadian comedian DTG, best known for his Slim Shady parodies, once again suits up as the Detroit rapper in his trademark zip jacket, white tee, baseball cap and gold chain ensemble.


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Instead of his usual solo spoofs, fake Em runs into a few friends this time around, most notably Strange Music boss Tech N9ne, who proceeds to dap up the artist formerly known as Lil Windex.

“Yo! What the fuck? Em, what’s up, man?” Tech says as he greets DTG with a dap. He then proceeds to ask: “Damn, it’s been a minute. What you been up to?”

Instead of answering Tech’s question, Fake Eminem chooses war. “You trying to rap right now?” he snaps back. The Kansas City rapper replies: “Hey man, I been doing enough of that already.”


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Not taking the hint into consideration, DTG launches into a rap that includes a dressing down of Tech N9ne. “Red hoodie and red shoes/ If I ever get married, my best dude, guess who, yes you,” he spits as Tech makes a quick getaway.

Fake Eminem continues: “‘Alarm goes off in the morning I wake up, press snooze/ Right tight, left loose/ Yo, Tech, where’d you go, man?‘ C’mon. Fuck!”


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After realizing Tech has snuck off, tattooist Ryan “Newz” Scarpino and Strange Music rapper King Iso wade into the frame and dap “Eminem” up, after which he chases the pair and asks: “Y’all tryna rap?”

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