The D. O. C. Has Found Its Musical Voice And Mentally

HipHop News Posted on July 13, 2017 at 8:06am

The D. O. C. Has Found Its Musical Voice And Mentally

EXCLUSIVE: "no one Can Do it Better," legend speaks of Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, Ruthless Records. You know, all the classic things.

Los Angeles, CA – the HBO series The Defiant Ones chronicles the intersection of the paths of Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre, and as the four-part docuseries delves into the N. W. A founder of the production of life, both at home and in the cabin, there is a nuance that is not blatantly explained but is found just below the surface: The West Coast would probably have a totally different way of makeup if it weren't for The D. O. C.

Of being the intellectual author of his own classic album, no one Can Do It Better to write lines for the members of N. W. a that catapult the imposition of group in the cultural sphere of immortality. After a car accident that would forever change his voice in The D. O. C., whose real name is Tracy Curry channeled his inner genius in the founding of Death Row Records and once more, helped to shape the landscape into something that could trigger an era of West Coast domination.

In our conversation with the Dallas, Texas born MC and composer, HipHopDX's Jake Rohn, The "Funky Enough" rapper revealed surprisingly short amount of time it took for him and Dre to do no one Can Do It Better, as well as the truth about his relationship with Eazy-E and why Death row was one of the low points of his life.

Recording No One Can Do It Better

"No one Can Do it Better" was basically an album full of free. Me and Dre, it took us about maybe three weeks of actual work time and just work when the guys were not on the road, and the truth is that it was not difficult at all. If you listen to the record I'm not really talking about anything other than "I'm ok", so I hadn't even figured out who I was yet. In my mind, I'm fine."

Classssssssic!: Flow no one Can Do it Better here.

His Relationship with the late Eazy-E

"I've never had a real problem with Eric like that. I understood that it was business and it was for the better or for the worse to do business and the fact that it has the best end of it was, because I was no


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