The Gaslamp Killer Denies Rape Allegations, The Accusers Speak

HipHop News Posted on October 13, 2017 at 5:03am

The Gaslamp Killer Denies Rape Allegations, The Accusers Speak

#DXCLUSIVE: The accusers say HipHopDX that're disgusted by your response.

Low End Theory regular and recent Run The Jewels tourmate The Gaslamp Killer, is being accused of some serious charges. A Twitter user with the name @chelseaelaynne published a long account of accusing the Brainfeeder artist of the violation. She asserts that the July 5, 2013, GLK drugged her and a friend, RaeAn, after meeting with them at The Standard Hotel in Los Angeles, and then proceeded to have non-consensual sex with both.

I have been silently suffering through this for many years. the gaslamp killer, drugged and raped my best friend and I 4 years ago

— chelsea (@chelseaelaynne) October 13, 2017

As #gaslampkiller hashtag began to trend on Twitter late Thursday night (12 October), HipHopDX reached GLK (real name William Bensussen) is sent back a statement, the same that are later shared on their own social media — the treatment of complaints.

My response to @chelseaelaynne 's letter below.

— G L K (@GASLAMPKILLER) October 13, 2017

With his accusation, the woman has also posted a screenshot of GLK Twitter account, which seemed to have stuck at some point. She also posted another photo of a direct message from GLK that was sent to RaeAn asking him to speak.

I would like to label him, but today I realized that he has had me blocked, which pushed me over the edge and was the clearest admission of his guilt

— chelsea (@chelseaelaynne) October 13, 2017

holy shit hes already trying to cover

— chelsea (@chelseaelaynne) October 13, 2017

DX came to Chelsea, who asked DX to identify her by her first name, and she said she was "surprised" that GLK deny that the alleged incident.

"Honestly, this is so despicable and horrible," he told DX in a written statement. "This is very very true, something that I have been tormented for years. I will never forget the live brief memory of his th


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