The jokes Have Consequences: Vic Mensa Goes By DJ Akademiks

HipHop News Posted on June 19, 2017 at 11:04am

The jokes Have Consequences: Vic Mensa Goes By DJ Akademiks

No holding back.

New York, NY – Vic Mensa pulled no punches during his appearance at the Complex of the Fight all day. The Manuscript rapper unleashed a barrage of criticism towards the DJ Akademiks when the panel began discussing the topic of Chicago rap.

Akademiks asked Vic about the MC thoughts on the Hip Hop of the commentators on the outskirts of Chicago, commenting on the city of the violence. The question that Vic out as he had a problem with the online personality of the exploitation of his native village.

"I wanted a slap in the face, honestly," Mensa said Akademiks. "And I'm seeing here. I'm like this is a tame environment, so I'm going to keep to my words. But I really feel as if people exactly like you to sensationalism and made continuing with the clowns situations that happen to us in real life. And I think niggas have no right. Specifically, there is a right. What ever made you feel like that there was a space to have a perspective on our people dying on a daily basis?"

Akademiks replied by saying that he tried to provide a different perspective. He claimed he was not glorifying violence as others did, but the Mensa did not agree and sentenced Akademiks' sensationalism.

"There was nothing constructive about it," Mensa said of Akademiks coverage. "And I am to tell you the truth — I really think that a bitch. Because there is a video that you put that about a person named Tray 57, making all these jokes like, 'Here's another Chiraq savage. As this guy stupid. He was involved with the grim reaper.' Like nigga, this is not a video game. That is a black I grew up with that I have known since I was five years of age. And see that are on the Internet and just like with the cheesy ass little voice and make jokes about it, I was waiting to see. And is that a couple of people waiting to see you. I've heard you say that I don't want to come to Chicago when I sat down 'cause you clearly know. Really could not stay out."

Mensa finished his lamb


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