Travis Scott Wants To Make Your Next Tour In An Amusement Park

HipHop News Posted on September 26, 2017 at 5:39am

Travis Scott Wants To Make Your Next Tour In An Amusement Park

Because how can you beat a giant animatronic bird?

Travis Scott can be a father in the near future, but now has focused on improving the tourist experience to their fans around the world. In a new feature published in Rolling Stone, Scott reveals that for the accompaniment of the tour in support of their yet-to-be-released album Astroworld, he wants his concerts to double as amusement parks.

According to Scott, would you like to do, while the different amusement parks are going on around him. "I don't know why it has not done so already — I think that people just don't do anything," he says. "Who makes the stages in these days that are that cool?


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Amusement park rides not far from the chaotic actions for which he already knows. In July, Scott performed in a huge animatronic bird as he opened for Kendrick Lamar DAMN. tour stop in Phoenix, Arizona. At some points during the performance, Travis was at the peak of the bird as he was suspended in the air. He would go to perform with him at various points of The DAMN. The Tour. Scott was inspired to create the bird after a visit to Legoland in San Diego, according to Rolling Stone.

In May, Scott was arrested for inciting a riot after encouraging fans to rush the stage in Rogers, Arkansas. The police revealed that several people were injured, including a security guard and a police officer. Scott pleaded not guilty to the charges. He revealed to Rolling Stone magazine that the incident had no impact on their behavior in the scenario. "People should understand, sometimes shit gets out of control," he says. "I'm not trying to cause any harm — I just do." He then says that a possible solution would be to get more popular than he already is.

"I think that I have to enter in larger spaces, they have more space to enter," he says.

Read the full profile in Rolling Stone here.


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