Wu-Tang Financial: Ghostface Killah Co-Founded Cryptocurrency Company

HipHop News Posted on October 5, 2017 at 5:01am

Wu-Tang Financial: Ghostface Killah Co-Founded Cryptocurrency Company

The Wu-Tang legend serves as Chief Branding Officer.

Ghostface Killah has co-founded a new cryptocurrency company, Cream Hill, which means "Crypto Rules Everything around Me," a nod to Wu-Tang Clan's classic 1993 single.

Cryptocurrencies are essentially a form of digital money. In 2009, Bitcoin became the first cryptocurrency to enter the market and is one of the most commonly traded form of cryptocurrency to date.

Cream of Capital will be the sale of "Cream of Dividends" chips next month, in an attempt to raise $ 30 million in funding. The chips can then be redeemed by the Ether (the value of tokens of the Ethereum blockchain). Ethereum is the second-most popular and valuable cryptocurrency on the market.

Brett Westbrook, Cream of the Capital's CEO and co-founder, spoke to Pigeons and Planes to explain how the Wu-Tang legend get involved in the project.

"Ghostface Killah is a business partner of ours," said Westbrook. "I personally connected with him during a Reddit AMA in /r/hiphopheads last year, when he was in search of technology inclination of people to work on future projects focused in the technology. Dennis [Coles, 'the Face of birth name] is a very forward thinking person and has a great interest in new technologies. It is difficult to ignore blockchain technology today, even when you're busy, touring hip hop artist.

"He has no technical training with cryptocurrencies," Westbrook added. "Remember, however, that the Wu-Tang is for the children. He is very focused on what young people and millennials are interested in. He is a solid businessman and has been surrounded by bright individuals with a hunger for new innovative technologies to the market."

Ghostface will serve as the Cream of the Capital's Chief Branding Officer. Your role, Westbrook says, is to help bring cryptocurrency technology to the masses, not just those who are tech-savvy.

"Your ability to work will be to design a framework for cryptocurrencies are more familiar with the day-to-day people," Westbr


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