Zaytoven The Details Of How A Nap And A Bag Of Flour In Ruins A Collab With Gucci Mane

HipHop News Posted on July 27, 2017 at 2:35am

Zaytoven The Details Of How A Nap And A Bag Of Flour In Ruins A Collab With Gucci Mane

Moral of the story: Don't sprinkle flour over Gucci Mane.

During a recent episode of Pigeons And Planes' What Had Happened Was the series, Atlanta producer Zaytoven shared a story of how a joke killed a collaboration between him, Gucci Mane and former reality star Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander.

Zaytoven explained that he was in his former recording studio in his mother's house with Gucci and Hoopz when a joke was to the left. At one point during the trio from the recording session, Gucci fell asleep and Hoopz decided to talk about it in the flour.

"So, we get into the studio, I make the beat," Zaytoven said. "Gucci Mane falls asleep on the couch. Hoopz is trying to put his verse together. What Hoopz is doing is that she goes in my kitchen and put the flour. Gucci Mane is asleep on the couch. She takes the flour and begins to put on his nose and his face. And all the time we have the camera in Gucci Mane to see if he gon' wake up. He does not wake up. Is running through there, doing it. And then running away hiding."

Gucci finally woke up and according to Zaytoven, he was less than satisfied with what happened to your charge. In fact, he ended up leaving.

"Before you know it, Gucci Mane spread of all the things in your face," he said. "Now he was not happy. It was no joke to him. He arose and went crazy ... I was scared to tell you that the Rings really put all these things in your face, because I thought that he was going to spaz on her. And he did not make the song. Him to the left."

Towards the end of the story, Zaytoven did fess up to the ruins of the collab to be "partly my fault", because it leaves the shenanigans that go.

See the video above.


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