Zion I was Robbed At gunpoint For $90K Worth Of Camera Gear

HipHop News Posted on July 27, 2017 at 4:38am

Zion I was Robbed At gunpoint For $90K Worth Of Camera Gear

#DXclusive: MC Zumbi culpa "of hunger in the streets" by the terrifying experience.

West Oakland, CA – Bay Area Hip Hop staples Zion I and the camera crew were recently robbed at gunpoint for $ 90,000 worth of video equipment during an outbreak in West Oakland, California. MC Zumbi and crew were shooting a visual effect of a song of Zion I's most recent EP, The Awakening, when the incident occurred.

While the monetary loss was certainly a big blow, the trauma surrounding the incident are still raw. Zumbi is true that is felt "violated" and quickly changed his perspective on what is happening in their community. It happened in a neighborhood where he lived for more than six years. According to a recent report by The Mercury News about a similar crime, it seems to be a worrying trend in the area.

"When the theft happened, I was standing behind a van in the street where they were filming the scene," Zumbi says HipHopDX. "I was talking with our producer who lives in the block. One of the children in the video came riding up the street on his bike yelling, 'get us!' When I came out from behind the van, all the crew had their faces buried in their hands. It felt like I had been violated upward.

"A part of me took it real personal," he continued. "My ego was saying, 'do not know, I am close to the community? The rock with the youth, I'm trying to do good.' But then, the reality that there is so much damn hungry in the streets. The young people are struggling to survive, especially with all the drama around the gentrification impacting the city so hard. I did take a break, and when the producer of the grandmother, who was also letting us use his home in the block said, " Well, thank the lord nobody was killed. Y'all ok, really put things in perspective. Yes, we stole it fucked my day-to-day. But I get to have another day. From that moment on, I started to try to figure out how to turn lemons into lemonade."

After the theft, Zumbi has set up a GoFundMe in his name and is trying to start again, but it is clear that it was going t


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